Tiffany & Co. Pitcher

Tiffany & Co. Pond Lily lamp

Tiffany & Co., Pitcher, 1878

Tiffany & Co., Pond Lily lamp, c.1900


Mucha, Medea

Alphonse Mucha, Medea poster, 1898



Galle, Marquetry vase, 1898

Galle, Dragonfly table

Emile Galle, Marquetry Vase, 1898

Galle, Dragonfly table, c.1900


Bing, Pavilion de l'Art Nouveau

Gaillard, Pavilion de l'Art Nouveau

Siegfried Bing, Pavilion de l'Art Nouveau, 1900

Eugene Gaillard, Dining room of Pavilion de l'Art Nouveau


Guimard, Setee

Guimard, Paris Metro

Hector Guimard, Setee, 1898

Guimard, Paris Metro entrance, 1899-1904


Van de Velde, Tropon poster

Henry van de Velde, Tropon poster, 1898


van de Velde, Desk

van de Velde, Reform dress

Henry van de Velde, Desk, 1899

van de Velde, Reform Dress, 1900

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