Hans Bellmer, The Doll (1935)

Hans Bellmer, The Doll (1934)


Salvador Dali, The Face of Mae West, 1934-5


Meret Oppenheim, My Governess (1936)

Meret Oppenheim, Luncheon in Fur (1936)


Leonora Carrington, Self-portrait (White Horse Inn),1936

Salvador Dali, Aphrodisiac Jacket (original, 1936)


Joan Miro, Aid for Spain (1937)

Andre Masson, Mannequin Street
mannequin (1938)


Yves Tanguy, Earring paintings (1938)

Rene Magritte, Time Transfixed (1938)


Elsa Schiaparelli, Skeleton Dress (1938)

Leonor Fini, Corset Chair (1939)


Salvador Dali, Dream of Venus Pavilion (1939)

Frida Kahlo, The Two Fridas (1939)


Marcel Duchamp, Boite en Valise (original, 1935-41)


Lee Miller, Non-Conformist Chapel
(from Grim Glory, 1941)

Max Ernst, Europe After the Rain II (1940-2)


Dorothea Tanning, Birthday (1942)

Maya Deren, Still from Meshes of the Afternoon (1943)


Roberto Matta, The Fabulous Racetrack of Death (1939-41)

Wilfredo Lam, The Jungle (1943)


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